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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Honey Maid (Hidden?) Shop

Hey guys! This post isn't for a freebie, but it's for the Honey Maid shop. 

To get all the items in your dressing room, click HERE. For me, I had the shop on the Start page of the Starplaza and I don't know if it's like that for everyone.

Honey Maid Club

Hey guys! I'm back, I haven't posted many freebies these days so I decided to post one today! Today's freebie is from the Honey Maid club.
If you're from the US, click HERE then join the club. You will get a free Honey Maid t-shirt and as the members in the club go up, you will get the other items.

If you are from anywhere else, you will have to use a proxy like or Then paste this link into the proxy URL bar: and login. Make sure you've joined the club! 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Makeup Tutorial

Today's post is going to be a makeup tutorial! FYI this isn't my doll.

The picture basically shows how to do it, but I'll explain a little more in depth. 1) Apply volume and length mascara. 
2) Apply silver eyeshadow, I used Silver Eyeshadow from a Stardoll Academy quest that was free.
3) On top of the silver, apply pink eyeshadow. I used Pink Flower Eyeshdow from DOT. Make sure not to completely cover the silver, as shown in the picture, and apply a little on the bottom as well. 
4) Apply lipstick! I used Rose Ritmo Lipstick, a free Natura Faces lipstick, and Pink Apricot Lipstick from DOT. 
And now your done! You could also apply some eyeliner or eye kohl, but with these type of eyes, it looked okay without it. 

Total Cost
Midnight Black Mascara 4 SD
Midnight Black Volume Mascara 3 SD
Silver Eyeshadow   0 SD [FREE]
Pink Flower Eyeshadow   6 SD
Rose Ritmo Lipstick   0 SD [FREE]
Pink Apricot Lipstick 8 SD 
Total Cost: 21 SD

Thursday, May 23, 2013

StarDesign: Hair

Hey guys! Today, I will be showing you some hairstyles I made in the Stardesign Hair! I wish I could sell them and buy them all, but I'm not a superstar so I can't use StarBazar and also I don't have that many SDs. :I only have 24 SDs and that's not enough to buy all of the hairstyles. :(

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Girls Day - Expect | Inspired Outfit

Hi guys! Today, I'm going to be showing you an inspired outfit from the Girls Day's song, Expect! I don't know if any of my viewers are KPOP fans, but I happen to be one so I've created a KPOP outfit! 
I got the Basic Redwood Bra from Basics on page 1 and put a Heart Dotted Sweater on top from Wild Candy on page 8. Then, I added Basic Black High Waist Shorts from Basics on page 1 and some Suspenders from Bonjour Bizou on page 5. The shoes were from Decades, but you can wear any black heels/boots. I picked those shoes since the girls are wearing shoes like that. I also imitated the makeup, but it's really simple, red lips and winged eyeliner with a little black eyeshadow.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

OOTD Non-Superstars

I made annother OOTD that is ALL starcoins, so it's definitely non-superstar friendly although it's a bit pricy. (i'm not saying non-superstars cant get stardollars) And guess what?! There is an alternative outfit that uses the exact same shoes and pants but a different top! 
Outfit 1:
Everything is from Pretty n' Love. I started with some basic white Leggings on page 6 and a Floating Flowers Top from page 3 then layered a Sheer Floral Cardigan from page 1 over the floating flowers top. And to complete the look, I added Spring Platform Clogs from page 2. The total cost is 322 SCs.

Outfit 2:
Everything is from Pretty n' Love. I wore a Water Color Blouse and Spring Platform Clogs, both from page 2. Then I added some white Leggings from page 6 and a Purple Bow Belt from page 5. The total cost is 293 SCs.